Here are some results and accomplishments from tournaments over the past few years! A more comprehensive results archive of domestic and select international tournaments can be found at





  • Hart House IV
    • Duke RZ (Ramoutar and Zionce) Quarterfinalist, 11th on team tab
  • Yale IV
  • Huber Debates (Vermont)
    • Duke WY (Wei Jie and Yang) Finalists
  • George Washington IV
    • Duke BR (Borrey and Ramoutar) Finalists, 2nd on team tab
    • Duke AA (Ayyar and Amster) Finalists, 8th on team tab
    • Duke KT (Kim and Tan) Semifinalists, 5th on team tab
    • Duke BM (Bansal and Mecklai) Quarterfinalists, 10th on team tab
    • Eric Ramoutar 3rd Speaker
    • Julian Borrey 5th Speaker
    • Brian Kim 10th Speaker
  • Brown and Gold Debates (Adelphi Univ.)
    • Duke RZ (Ramoutar and Zionce) Finalists
    • Duke BR (Borrey and Raghunathan) Semifinalists
    • Jacob Zionce 5th Speaker
    • Eric Ramoutar 7th Speaker
  • North American Women’s Championships (Vermont)
    • Duke BM (Bansal and Mecklai) Semifinalists
  • United States Universities Debating Championships, Alaska