Fall 2018 – Spring 2019


Jenny Jiao (T’20) is the President of the Duke University Debating Society. She is from Columbus, Ohio and studying economics. In addition to debate, she volunteers with Durham Courts as a guardian ad litem, serves on the Student Conduct Board, and edits for the undergrad law magazine. Other than that, Jenny likes matcha lattes, beating Elle at dutch blitz, and discussing the ills of the criminal justice system. (jenny.jiao@duke.edu)

External Vice President

Salil Mitra (T’20), the External Vice President of Duke Debate, is a junior from Singapore studying economics and computer science. In addition to debate, he is an avid pianist, edits for Latent Image Magazine, plays a mean game of badminton, and is a proud member of an SLG. Known for being a night owl, you are most likely to catch him up at 3 A.M. watching basketball, hiking, or proclaiming the greatness of Singapore to anyone who will give him the time of day. (salil.mitra@duke.edu)

Internal Vice President

Elle Eshleman (T’20) is the Internal Vice President of Duke Debate. She is a junior from Littleton, Colorado and is majoring in Political Science and History. Outside of debate, she works on research in the political science department and tutors local refugees. You can find her listening to podcasts, playing dutch blitz, or painting a paint-by-numbers painting.  (elizabeth.eshleman@duke.edu)


Andrew Kellogg Peeler (T’20) is the Treasurer of Duke Debate. He’s a sophomore from Cambridge, MA who is studying either Political Science, Economics, or Computer Science, depending on how this next semester goes. In addition to debate, he’s a tour guide and does research for a Political Science professor. Outside of all that, he likes beating Salil at pool, listening to early 2000s pop, and watching Mike Birbiglia standup bits. (andrew.kellogg.peeler@duke.edu)


Greta Chen (T’21) is the current Secretary of Duke Debate. She is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama studying economics and political science. In addition to debate, she is a member of DUArts and does marketing for the Sanford School of Public Policy. You will most likely find her binge-watching crime shows or drinking copious amounts of coffee downtown. (greta.chen@duke.edu)