The Duke University Debating Society is a close-knit group of students bound by a common interest in argumentation and persuasion.  Founded in 1897, it is one of the oldest groups on campus. We practice every Thursday at 7:30pm with optional practice rounds on Saturdays, and offer opportunities to travel and debate nearly every weekend.
Duke Debate at the 2019 Worlds Universities Debating Championship in Cape Town
Duke Debate travels to Denver, CO to compete at the national championship!

We compete in British Parliamentary debate, a style with two proposition teams and two opposition teams.  We regularly travel to tournaments held across the country and world. In previous years we’ve sent team members to India, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Botswana, Mexico, the Philippines, and Germany. This year we will be attending tournaments in the UK, Canada, and South Korea, in addition to a number of domestic tournaments.  No prior knowledge or experience is required (some of our best team members had never debated before college!).

Joining Duke University Debating Society is joining a lively community of friends with whom you can travel, learn, and grow.

Duke debaters at the 2019 Hart House IV tournament in Toronto
Duke debater in the final round of the Eastern Regional Championship, 2019