Duke Debaters choose when and where they want to go to tournaments. Most students choose go to 2-3 tournaments per semester, but there are no restrictions as to how many tournaments members must or can attend. Travel expenses to tournament locations are fully funded by the team’s endowment.

Here is our schedule for 2017-2018!

Fall 2017

  • September 29-October 1: North American Universities Debating Championships (Hobart and William Smith Colleges; Geneva, NY)
  • October 13-15: Hart House (University of Toronto; Toronto, ON)
  • October 27-29: Yale IV (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
  • November 4-5: Huber Debates (University of Vermont; Burlington, VT)
  • November 10-11: Oxford IV (University of Oxford; Oxford, UK)
  • November 17-18: Cambridge IV (University of Cambridge; Cambridge, UK)
  • December 2-3: Brandeis IV (Brandeis University; Waltham, MA)
  • December 27-January 4: World Universities Debating Championships (Mexico City, MX)


Spring 2018

  • Dates TBD: Eastern Regional Championships (Location TBD)
  • Dates TBD: Pan-American Debating Championships (Morehouse College; Atlanta, GA)
  • Dates TBD: North American Women’s and Gender Minorities’ Debating Championships (University of Vermont; Burlington, VT)
  • Dates TBD: United States Universities Debating Championships (Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
Duke debaters travel to India to compete in the 2014 World Universities Debating Championships!
Duke Debaters ready to fly to Vermont